Support yourself to deal with anxiety

If you are one of the many British people that struggle with anxiety you will be able to relate to the effect it can take on your life everything from your business to personal life including relationships with friends.

There are a variety of ways you can help to support yourself deal with your anxiety

5 Ways to support yourself with anxiety
  1. It’s important not to underestimate the effects of certain food and drink on anxiety levels. Cutting back on your daily caffeine could help to improve your anxiety caffeine intake does influence panic and anxiety attacks. There is a lot in the news currently about the effects of sugar on mood. Cutting back on sugar should help to stabilise your mood.
  1. Make time to relax this may sound a little obvious but how many of us take the time on a regular basis and take time for ourselves. Read a book, meditation, listen to music get a massage. Try scheduling time on a regular basis and notice the effects.
  1. Take regular exercise there are a lot of studies on the benefits of exercise and mood, you don’t have to be pounding the treadmills to benefit from this a 10 min walk every day and you will feel the benefits.
  1. Express gratitude there are some amazing ideas on the internet for how to do this the one I like the best have a jar by your bed and every night on a scrap of paper write one thing you are grateful for.
  1. Drink calming teas, there are a lot more varieties on offer than just builder’s tea, check out your supermarket isle or your local health food shop.

Whilst these are great ways to support yourself with anxiety there are times when we need to ask for help from a Doctor or professional asking for help is a big step in moving towards healing.

I hope this blog was of some use to you if you would like to read further about counselling.

Written by Helen Pinnock founder of the Wellbeing Clinic Nottingham

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