Bullying and Counselling for Children

Unfortunately bullying can be an all too common part of life for some children, whether it is at school, in the playground, or online. A bully wants to make someone feel afraid, worthless and powerless, whether this is emotionally, physically or both. Being bullied can be very upsetting and traumatic, and if left unnoticed can lead to a number of harmful thoughts and behaviours.

If you are being bullied it is important that you tell someone – a parent, teacher, or guardian – so that they can make it stop.

Counselling can help children and teenagers understand how bullying is affecting them, it can work  to build confidence, self esteem and  help the child break out of the role of victim, and treat any anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or suicidal thoughts caused by bullying. If you or your child is being bullied, or having difficulties with any of the issues mentioned here, why not call us at Counselling Nottingham at the Wellbeing Clinic to see if we can help?


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