Christmas and Counselling

December 4, 2013

Many people find Christmas and New Year a difficult time. This is totally understandable, given the pressures we often face at this time of year. We may be struggling financially, with higher bills and the additional cost of presents, as…

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Bullying and Counselling for Children

October 2, 2013

Unfortunately bullying can be an all too common part of life for some children, whether it is at school, in the playground, or online. A bully wants to make someone feel afraid, worthless and powerless, whether this is emotionally, physically or…

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Coping with Shame

August 19, 2013

Shame is a natural emotion that many of us feel from time to time. However, if it becomes really intense, it can be a barrier to being able to seek out help when we need it. Shame may occur in…

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