Travel Anxiety


Holiday season is upon us, and whilst for many people going away on holiday is an exciting, pleasurable experience, for some it can cause a huge amount of anxiety, before and even during the trip.

There are many reasons people suffer with anxiety around the time of their vacation. Often, it can be due to a phobia such as a fear of flying, or travelling by water, or even a fear of being ill away from home. Many of us see our homes as a ‘safe place’, and travelling takes us away from that comfort zone where we feel protected.  Worrying about what to expect can cause fear too, will you be able to communicate with people if you are going to another country? Will it be easy and safe to get around? What will the local food be like?

Sometimes anxiety can manifest due to stress. Preparing for a holiday can seem stressful, making sure you have everything packed, organising for someone to watch the house, feed the cat, winding up your workload…

If you’re due to go away on holiday soon, and you are feeling worried or anxious about the impending trip, rest assured you are not alone, and there are many things that you can do to help overcome these fears and anxieties.

Our counsellors are trained in a variety of styles, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which can be really useful for phobias such as fear of flying, and they can give you the tools to help deal with your travel anxieties. Why not give us a call today at Counselling Nottingham at the Wellbeing Clinic and let us help you enjoy your holiday this year?

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