Counselling Couples

At Counselling Nottingham, situated in West Bridgford we offer counselling for couples. Relationships can be deeply enriching and fulfilling; they can also be the source of intense emotional pain. Over the years, life stresses, family difficulties, illness or work pressures can create tension between couples. We bring our own baggage to relationships, too – family history and conditioning, cultural background, and psychological make-up all play a part in the way we relate to our partners.Many couples come to counselling when they’ve reached crisis point, and realise that they can’t navigate through their difficulties without professional support.

I will forever carry everything you have taught me and continue to apply it to my life.

The counsellors here are all very experienced, and understand that building better communication is key. At the start of the counselling process, the counsellor develops a relationship with each participant, valuing their individuality and being non-judgemental at all times. By providing an emotionally safe space for both partners, the counsellor enables the couple to learn better communication skills. By opening up the communication channels, it is then possible to explore the issues that need to be addressed.

There are many reasons why relationships become strained. Differences over parenting, the challenges of stepchildren and blended families, and issues involving money, intimacy or sex are all very common. Gay and lesbian couples may have the added pressure of homophobia or family disapproval.

Counselling Couples allow both partners the space and time to explore what’s going on for them, and to build on their sense of self. With improved self-esteem, individual needs become clearer and are more easily expressed. It is not about making it all better, or ensuring that couples stay together come what may – it is about developing an authentic dialogue, moving away from blame or self-punishment, and discovering what is right for both partners.

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